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John Hammarley has spent more than 30 years listening to people tell him their stories for a variety of television network affiliate news stations. Six of those stories resulted in EMMY® Awards.

Today, he's still listening ... and turning peoples' stories into videos.

Whether you need to promote your business through:

  • social media video
  • fund-raising campaigns
  • website image videos
  • real estate videos or
  • healthcare specialty videos

Hammarley Productions is your best choice for quality, affordable videos.


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A recent Silver Addy Award winner for best web-based video, I pride myself in being able to connect with small business owners, finding out their priorities and developing creative, but to-the-point videos that promote the essence of what you're all about. We all have websites to increase our visibility and profit. Few things succeed at those goals more than video.

Quality. Affordable. Versatile Videos

Home sales, both new and existing, are finally rebounding. But that means the competition is heating up as well. The use of web-based and social media-based video for this market can be a key ingredient for you to increase your SEO, get more interest faster from potential buyers and sellers. Hammarley Production videos here can feature your property unlike any other facet of your marketing. Narrated by a multiple EMMY Award winner, take buyers through the house and I don't mean using the standard still picture slide shows. Also, why not feature yourself in an agent video profile? Talk about providing buyers with a great way to get to know you! Real estate video. It's a must in today's home buying and selling world.

Hammarley Productions Videography Services    

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Talk about familiar ground!  I've spent the vast majority of my professional life in this forum. Loved almost every minute. If you want to know what works and what doesn't, I can consult with you about media strategies, news releases and successful methods of getting your product, message and/or invention into local, regional and network venues. My contact list is extensive as is my knowledge base.




I've spent my entire professional print and broadcast news career covering all aspects of healthcare (13 + years as the medical reporter for FOX News in Dallas, TX) and now am taking that understanding and insight into producing EMMY® Award winning quality video for doctors, healthcare institutions, boutique and large practice partnerships. These videos will raise your internet and SEO visibility faster than almost any other technique. Website videos, social media videos -- delivered in a straightforward, broadcast news quality manner. 

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television broadcasting

My experience working with individual physicians, medical groups, public health institutions and realtors has given me the understanding and ability to convert often times complex issues into video presentations that both attract, maintain and sharpen the viewer's attention of any given subject. Split-screen presentations of technical discussions are one area in which our productions excel.

Hammarley Productions can use its production and creative talents to sell you and your product, even if you're uncomfortable about being on camera. Relax, you're working with friends!

This may be one of my favorite areas of video production. Understanding the message you want to deliver is the most important element in this effort and I'm one of the best listeners you'll ever meet. Then converting those goals into a moving, captivating (and affordable) capital campaign video is one of my strengths. I love to tell stories that move people.


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