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EMMY® Award


phone numbers as you need. My technical skills are very good. My people skills to draw out the essence of what you want your company to represent are even better. If you want a 'voice' a project, or want to improve yours -- call me. And if you want to learn the best way to deal with the media, call a six-time EMMY® Award winner.

John and his sidekick, Texas.

The day I stepped foot into a television newsroom, I knew I had found my profession. Already an accomplished magazine writer and newspaper reporter, I was (and am) able to tell your story both with words and with video. I'm proud of the awards (six EMMY® Awards, two Peabody Award nominations, National Headliner Award and many others) I've received over the years. And now I use those skills and my ability to get 'tell' your story to promote your business throughout the realm of social media.

​​Too often, I see potential clients charged too much for too little because so many production companies convince them that inflated price tags for videos are a necessary evil. Depending on the level of sophistication required, much more often than not you need quality video combined with an effective way to tell your story in a genuine, honest way. Hammarley Productions can accomplish that without breaking your marketing bank. Check out my testimonial section or call me and I'll provide you with as many happy client 

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